Bmw vanos o ring

BMW vehicles are known for their power and stamina, which comes from their exquisite design and engineering. Each year, manufacturers take into account the difficulties that their clientele experience with new models, attempting to implement strategies and new designs to tackle the deficiencies their drivers tend to experience.

Although BMW vehicles are impeccable as far as engineering goes, sometimes the designs can lead to problems when it comes to performance.

One element of design that has remained a challenge for BMW vehicles is the construction of certain sealsor O-rings. VANOS is an engine component that addresses variable valve timing issues. After researching the issue and finding the source of the problem, BMW, along with other automotive shops who have seen the same issue come up in their shops, have found that the component makeup of the piston seals, or O-rings, does not stand up well to the intense heat and chemical exposure inside the engine.

These piston seals tend to expand and contract significantly and frequently, leaving the part susceptible to all out failure in the VANOS system. Furthermore, in order to address the problem adequately and fix it for good, other seals and VANOS parts must be removed and replaced to avoid further damage to the system. Automotive shops have had to get somewhat creative in the event of a VANOS system failure; they sometimes have to have somewhat custom-made seals fitted that are made of different, more durable materials.

BMW drivers come to rely on the power and push that these German beasts embody, and it can be downright upsetting when problems such as these arise—all because of a faulty seal. Power delivery and disbursement is compromised due to this issue, but you might also notice lowered fuel economy and rough idling. Those issues combined are plenty reason to have the problem looked at by a professional auto mechanic. Of course, engine codes tell us something, but not everything—your BMW specialist will need to do a little inspection and digging to make sure they fix the problem, and its effects, accurately.

bmw vanos o ring

Since the VANOS system functions well beyond the problem with the early piston seal wear, generally BMW specialists know where to go to find the problem. This takes BMW-specific skill, expertise, and experience. We know that using custom parts and stronger materials to fix this problem is the best approach, and we always commit ourselves to finding solutions for our clients that last. Please contact us with any questions about our diagnostic process, or simply schedule an immediate inspection.

BMW M2 Engine image credit goes to: teddyleung. Follow Us on:. All rights reserved.The vanos unit is designed to vary the the engine intake and exhaust valve timing to help improve engine performance. The OEM o-rings are made from Buna, a material that is not suitable to withstand the higher temperatures found in automotive engines. As the piston seals are removed the OEM o-rings can be found to be extremely hard and in some cases splitting.

It is not possible to purchase individual seals from BMW, instead they supply either brand new Vanos units or reconditioned vanos units.

bmw vanos o ring

However both come with the same weaker buna o-rings which will lead to vanos seals failure in the near future again. These can be fitted by any competent mechanic or DIY- er. There are no special tools required other than a waterpump pulley holding tool which can make life easier…however a mallet and some force can be used instead. There is no need for any cam locking tools to perform this seal repair kit either.

On cold start a vanos rattle Warm Idle vanos clattering, similar to the diesels Poor low down torque and power. Uneven power delivery. Membrane N13 BMW. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? SKU: vanos-bmw. Symptoms On cold start a vanos rattle Warm Idle vanos clattering, similar to the diesels Poor low down torque and power.

Weight 0. Related products Sale! Add to cart. No products in the cart.If you drive a BMW 6 cylinder vehicle your Vanos variable valve timing unit is most likely failing.

These seals are constructed of poor quality Buna rubber which is not suited to the elevated temperatures of their location; this leads to the seals failing and ultimately the Vanos unit failing. Symptoms of this failure include: overall loss of power and torque particularly in the lower RPM range, loss of power with air conditioning on, louder idle, increased fuel consumption and difficult cold weather starts and even stalls.

Our seals are specifically designed for the environment in which they are fitted, well suited to the vast temperature range of the Vanos unit, constructed from improved materials designed to last. Our seals and piston rings have undergone extensive testing and will not deteriorate over time like the OEM part, designed to last the lifetime of your vehicle.

Our product will restore your Vanos unit resolving the common symptoms which occur with failure noted above. Repair can be carried out in situe on vehicle, instructions show engine on bench for demonstration purposes only. Remove secondary air valve hose, pre-cat sensor cables and all electrical connectors from exhaust side which prevent valve cover removal. Remove valve cover from engine. Insert a large blade or scraper between valve cover gasket and engine head and lever the cover gently loose, on the corner sections of the front of the valve cover RTV sealant will have been used to seal this section, using scraper lever between gasket and engine head to break sealant.

Remove intake solenoid connector and thermostat connector press in metal clips and lift off connectors. Remove 6x Vanos mounting bolts, on the lower front half of the Vanos unit using 10mm socket.

Remove Vanos Right top mounting bolt with 13mm socket. Pull Vanos unit forwards and remove; make sure Vanos gasket is also removed from head. Take care to collect any spilling oil. Tilt Vanos unit in to container to remove all oil from unit. To diagnose Vanos failure you can slide the pistons in and out of their respective cylinder, you should notice a very loose fit.

Inspect cylinders for any damage, they should be very smooth. The piston seals will now need resizing. Coat the inside of the left hand cylinder of the Vanos unit with engine oil, cover all of surface, coat left hand cylinder piston with oil making sure top larger seal has a good layer of oil, insert large end of piston in to left hand cylinder at a 60 degree angle then rotate piston to correct orientation, if seal binds keep removing and reinserting piston until piston ring resizes correctly.

Insert piston fully in to cylinder and leave for 5 minutes so seals can resize correctly then remove. Apply layer of oil to left cylinder cover and to bottom seal of piston.

Insert piston in to cylinder cover gasket side at an angle, rotate to correct orientation you will find some of seal protrudes preventing piston orientating correctly in cylinder, push in protruding seal and gently orientate until piston seats correctly. Insert piston fully in to cylinder cover and leave piston seal to reshape for 5 minutes.

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Re oil pistons and cylinders, install pistons fully in to correct side cylinder cover, insert piston spring Right hand side cylinder, refit cylinder covers with piston in situe. Tighten 9x bolts gently ensuring piston spring orientates correctly, carry out this process slowly, pressure will be needed on right hand cylinder to compress spring whilst tightening bolts. Bolts should be tightened to 10 Nm in a cross pattern.

Check pistons have seated correctly by pushing in to cylinder this will require a little force. The Vanos unit can now be remounted to the vehicle.

Vanos mounting bolts 8 Nm, Vanos piston shaft bolts 8 Nm Remember left hand thread! Question 1 year ago.The following information is provided for reference purposes only and should be used at your own risk In no event shall Beisan Systems, LLC or its members be liable for incidental, consequential, or special loss or damages of any kind however caused. Vanos units take on various shapes and design according to car year and model engine model.

BMW VANOS System Fault Testing and Diagnosing

The vanos discussed here is BMW part This engine was incorporated in multiple car models during years This vanos has been experiencing a failure. It has been diagnosed that the failure is due to deterioration of the vanos seals. The vanos seals encompass an O-ring at the outer perimeter of the vanos plastic housing and a dynamic rod seal at the inner perimeter of the same plastic housing. The vanos plastic housing outer perimeter O-ring is made of Viton, the correct material, but is experiencing compression set flattening over time and use and is failing in its function.

The vanos plastic housing inner perimeter rod seal is made of a Teflon ring and backing O-ring. The Teflon ring is made from pigment modified turquoise Teflon. This slight variation on virgin Teflon is slightly more resistant to wear and deformation than virgin Teflon.

But it is still is very susceptible to wear and deformation. The Teflon ring has been found to lose significant material due to wear.

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This loss of material is causing the Teflon ring to lose its functional characteristics and thus cause the vanos to fail. The rod seal O-ring is made from Viton, the correct material for the application, but is experiencing notable compression set flattening. This compression set further reduces the seal material fill in the seal cavity and thus further compounds the Teflon ring material wear failure.

Thus replacing the O-ring is appropriate when replacing the Teflon ring. New vanos units are being sold with the same pigment modified Teflon ring.

Vanos BMW Repair kits

BMW does not provide the vanos rod seal as a separate part. Fortunately a method was found to slightly modify the vanos to circumvent the function for this O-ring and thus the need to replace it. The vanos top lip is pressed down onto the plastic housing to press the plastic housing down and seat it on a vanos wall shelf. This seating creates a functional oil seal that provides the oil chamber seal the O-ring was intended to achieve. The rod seal Teflon ring can be replaced with a Teflon ring made from a very low friction Teflon compound but one that has significantly better resistance to wear and deformation.

A low friction coefficient is necessary for this application due to the low engine oil pressure and the large rotary vanos movement.

To achieve such low friction and low wear properties simultaneously requires special Teflon materials that are not readily available from seals companies.

A special high grade Teflon carbon filler is available for such an application. This filler is used on the i6 vanos OEM Teflon rings and has been used by Beisan for the replacement Teflon rings for the i6 vanos units for some time. This special material is appropriate for this vanos application. The Teflon ring is not a standard part and needs to be semi-custom manufactured. Viton material O-rings have variations in characteristics.

The Beisan sourced Viton O-rings have been shown over time to have excellent compression set characteristics. Thus the rod seal O-ring is replaced with this Viton material O-ring.Free shipping. Kit worked great in rebuilding the dual vanos on my i. Only thing it could have included was the o-rings that go on the caps.

Otherwise it has absolutely everything. Instructions are in many places online, make it easy to follow and do yourself. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: new Sold by: i6motorworks. Of course, only time will tell with a product like this. So I have no doubt this will serve me well once I have fitted it. You will also need to buy a new valve cover gasket kit as well when you do this job because you are going to have to remove the valve cover to get at the VANOS unit.

This kit had all the necessary parts to renew the double vanos! Be sure to soak rubber seals in hot water before installation to allow for proper stretching vanos is now quiet and responsive. I got this kit to refresh the seals on my 85, mile motor. They broke into pieces at removal. The parts in this kit were perfect for restoring the seal and even included the small bits that should be replaced when doing this job.

Nice to have the banjo bolt compression rings, for instance. Best of all, I called for some guidance when I had a question and had my question answered right away. Nice job! In the city there is no notice any difrence, but on the highway in 5th gear there is a big diffrence.

I can realy feel it pull now and i don't think of down shifting to 4th gear. We'll take a look and remove the review if it doesn't follow our guidelines. Skip to main content. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab.

Add to Watchlist. People who viewed this item also viewed. Check if this part fits your vehicle. Contact the seller. Picture Information. Mouse over to Zoom - Click to enlarge. Have one to sell?In no event shall Vanos-BMW.

Vanos units take on various shapes and design according to car year and model engine model. The vanos discussed here is BMW part These engines were incorporated into a wide range of car models during years This vanos has been experiencing a failure.

It has been diagnosed that the failure is due to deterioration of the vanos piston seal O-rings. Buna is a very common O-ring material, but is limited in its temperature and chemical resistance characteristics. The O-rings have been found to harden, shrink, and have flat surfaces. This deterioration is causing the O-rings to lose their functional characteristics and thus cause the vanos to fail.

The piston O-rings lie under and provide support to piston Teflon seal rings. Replacing the O-rings requires removing the Teflon seals to access the O-rings. The Teflon seals can not be practically removed from the piston seal grooves without damaging them. Thus replacing the O-rings necessarily requires replacing the Teflon seals.

The Buna O-rings can be replaced with O-rings made from Viton. Viton FKM, Fluorocarbon has similar functional characteristics to Buna, but has much higher temperature and chemical resistance characteristics. Each piston also utilizes one further small O-ring. The OEM O-ring for this cap seems to also be made from Buna and is deteriorating in the same manner as the piston seal O-rings.

Bogging then surging at 3k RPM. Uneven power distribution and RPM transition. Louder idle and intermittent idle RPM hiccups. Difficult takeoffs. Loss of power and bogging when AC on. Increased fuel consumption. Resolution of bogging then surging at 3k RPM.

bmw vanos o ring

Smooth even distribution of power and RPM transition. Quiet stable idle. Smooth easy takeoffs. Improved performance when AC on. In some cases the engine computer will generate a fault code. The code is usually associated with the vanos exhaust side.

This is due to the powerful spring in the vanos exhaust cylinder which forces the piston out. The exhaust camshaft position sensor CPS is a common failure. Thus code P appears. If the idle jolts cease then the problem is the vanos seals.

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A vanos exhaust side fault code, as described above, is most likely a vanos seals failure indication. Otherwise the vanos needs to be removed from the engine for inspection.Check if this part fits your vehicle.

When you disassemble the vanos unit to replace the piston seals there is a metal seal between the housing and the covers that bolt to the housing.

E46 Vanos Rebuild What Not To Do #m54rebuild 6

I had these seals manufactured specifically for the, no one else has these seals. I felt that if someone was going to all the trouble to replace the seals it makes sense to properly re-seal the housing. Should one of our products fail during normal use, as described above, return the failed unit to i6Motorworks for a complete warranty analysis.

Once i6Motorworks has approved the warranty, a refund will be issued for new part purchase. Customers must repurchase a new i6Motorworks part to replace a possible defective unit.

Our company and product liability is strictly limited to the replacement of the unit once i6Motorworks has determined it to be defective. This warranty does not apply to units which have been altered, modified, damaged, misused, improperly installed, contaminated with dirt or other contaminants, used in applications other than recommended in our catalog.

Contact i6Motorworks immediately for instructions and authorization prior to making any repairs or replacements. We try to answer all emails within the same business day. In order to keep our prices low, we require all buyers to adhere to the following terms and conditions: 1 i6Motorworks ships to confirmed Paypal addresses only.

Orders placed on Saturday or Sundays should be processed and shipped on Monday. Same day shipping in most circumstances. Order placed on Saturday or Sunday should be processed and shipped on Monday. Here are some additional details regarding i6Motorworks shipping practices: 1 Business days are Monday through Friday 2 The majority of orders are shipped out of our distribution center located in Arizona.

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We are never out of stock on an item we list for sale. We will accept a return if it is in the original packaging not installed or damaged by owner and returned to us within 30 days of receiving the item. After accepting your package, if it looks damaged, please email us immediately for instructions.

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Stage 3b Vanos Seal Kit Designed specifically for the M52tu and M54 6-cyl engine If you are unsure if this kit is for your vehicle just send us the last 7 digits of your VIN and we will look it up for you. Each kit includes the following. Vanos Unit Piston Housing Seals In order to keep our prices low, we require all buyers to adhere to the following terms and conditions:.

Here are some additional details regarding i6Motorworks shipping practices:.

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